Another little graphic I made a while back, originally posted on my Tumblr. This one’s a visual representation of what it feels like to be a borderline.

[image description:

over the course of six pictures, the phrases,

  • “don’t overshare,”
  • “but don’t clam up or shut down,”
  • “but don’t force it,”
  • “but don’t self-isolate,”
  • “but don’t take anything for granted,” and

overlap in ways that are hard to look at and hard to process, alienating and disorienting — blurring and overlapping in harsh, caustic, clashing colors and a cartoonish font.

in the seventh picture, on top of all of that, in acidic, garish, neon type, looking almost like a series of intrusive, eye-gouging, pop-up advertisements, come the phrases,

  • “don’t be fake. weird. creepy. selfish. abusive. draining. manipulative. overwhelming,”
  • “i hate me,”
  • “why is this so hard?”
  • “other people know how to do this,”
  • “fuck you,”
  • “fuck me,”
  • “fuck everything,”
  • “you’re not worth this,”
  • “i’m not worth this,” and
  • “what is wrong with me?”

in the eighth picture, the image goes completely black.

in the ninth, it’s still black, still mostly empty, but in plain white text in a plain white font, it says, “i was just thinking about something. (pause) i don’t remember what it was.”]

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